Wednesday 30 July 2008

2008 Olympic Marketing Challenge


OK, I like Spain,

I love the climate, their beaches, their food and drink.

Can I just ask them to stop winning virtually every sports event this summer in Europe? First they won the football, then Wimbledon and now the Tour de France. Let's hope that they don't take up cricket and rugby.

Now, you maybe wonder what this has to do with your marketing?
Good question.

But this is a summer of sport and it's just about to explode with the start of the Beijing Olympics. A sporting feast for some and a turn off for others.

Well I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter because I am going to resurrect a Rod Sloane tradition.

I am calling it the Rod Sloane Olympic Marketing Challenge 2008.
Am I getting delusions of grandeur?

What is it?
It's a chance for you to receive some feedback on a marketing piece you are currently working on...for a zero fee!

How does it work?
Email me your marketing piece and I will give you some feedback on how you might refine it for improvement.

Does this mean that I will write your marketing piece for you?
No. You need to draft it yourself.

What type of marketing piece?
A brochure, marketing letter, single web page, marketing email, blog, postcard you name it.

Am I restricted to one marketing piece?
Yes one at a time, but after you have received feedback, you can send me another one.

What's the catch?
Well you have to put up with my opinion and communicate with me, apart from that, very little

It's not enough Rod, I want a further incentive.
OK. Every Friday I will have a drawing and one person who has sent me a piece for critique will win a copy of my best seller "121 Marketing Ideas to Grow your Small Business." Be quick though, you know how those Spanish are winning everything this summer. And no, I don't have a Spanish version of my book.

Rod, what's with this crazy offer?
Have you been struck by summer lightning?

Uhh, that's why my brain hurts.

What do I do?
Send me am email with your marketing piece attached to
Remember to include your name and business address if you want to enter the book draw.

When does the Rod Sloane Olympic Marketing Challenge 2008 finish?
At the end of the closing ceremony for the Games on Sunday August 24th

Hasta la vista

Friday 25 July 2008

How do people really see you?

This is how someone who knows me sees me.

Now I like to think of myself as a heroic good looking chap.

this person obviously sees me as the villain.

How do people view you and does it matter?

Probably not.

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Wednesday 23 July 2008

My Top Ten Things

This is what I believe businesses need to do to prove successful.

You may call it my business philosophy, my ten commandents, my mantra, my mojo.

I simply call it my Ten Things.

Of course there are 11, because 11 is always better than 10!

Do this and you will stand out and be different.

You don't need to wear a black t-shirt.
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Thursday 17 July 2008

What's past is Prologue

It's gone.

It's over.

Forget it and move on and frankly who cares.

Nobody cares.

If you messed up, so what?

It's over.

It's history, time to live in the present and future.

Blame and guilt won't help you.

Come on, start again.

What's past is prologue