Thursday 6 August 2009

Why are business books so boring?

Look at your bookshelves.

If they're anything like mike they're groaning under the weight of worthy business books. Lots with very exiting titles. “In Search of Excellence” “The Trusted Advisor” “Advanced Selling Techniques” All good stuff, they are nice to look at, the problem comes when you open them.

What do you see?


Lots of little words!

20,000 + Words!

That feels like work, brain work.

Why can't business books appeal to the child in us?

Why do they have to be so high brow?

I think it says more about the low self esteem of the author.

I need to write something that's worthy.

C'mon appeal to the child in me!

I might just start to read it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Would that include lots of pictures, just like comics? I like to create small visual e-courses to explain my concepts - watch this space for my blogging ones coming out in September!