Friday 18 September 2009

Rebooting My Blog

Did you miss me when I was away?
Yes, ah thanks.
No, yes I know that I need to try harder.

My last blog posting prior to this was August 19th, that's nearly a whole month ago.

So have I been on holiday or on retreat.


I have just been quiet.
Yes quiet!

But that's all about to stop now, and from next week.

From next week I will be blogging with purpose but maybe less often.

Trying to blog every day proved just too challenging for this Blackpool boy.
So from now on expect to see a couple of postings per week.

These will be much more focussed than before on Sales, Marketing
and the Alignment of Sales and Marketing.

I have lots of new stuff for you, but that's coming next week.

So all I have to say now that it's good to be back and I look
forward to speaking ( do you speak from a blog) real soon.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Posting every day is hard work, isn't it Rod? Posting consistently rather than frequently, and with relevant and scintillating material stuffed full of keywords for the spiders will have a much better effect on your blog's ratings - try it and see.