Friday, 23 December 2011

Help Sales Understand Marketing

In the recently (December 2012) Aberdeeen Report "Sales Performance Management 2012" , author Peter Ostrow has two recommendations to improve your sales performance.

Why bother?

Improved Sales Performance leads to more of your reps making quota, shorter sales cycles and bigger average deals. Sounds good to me.

Ostrow's first recommendation is to base sales compensation on team activities , the second is to

"Cross train sellers into other customer facing roles such as Marketing"

So what are your plans to help sales better understand Marketing?

My suggestion would be continue your work on jointly agreements on Culture, Language and People.

How about running more joint meetings, now if you need an external speaker why not ask....


dymoonline said...

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shirin goel said...

So trendy!!!!

Fred Castillo said...

Well, I'd think it makes perfect sense to cross train your salespeople. Sales and marketing go pretty much hand in hand!

Fred | O'Malley Hansen Communications

Maria Melo said...

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Aron_ Seo said...

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