Tuesday 10 December 2013

Which B2B Lead Generation Tactic works best?

Here's an interesting image just released by Marketing Profs.

What works best for getting leads, it's not twitter or video or even blogging!

It's either picking up the phone or an executive from a prospect coming to one of your events!

I know, I know, this could be 1984, or 1964 or even 1934!

So, what are you doing to drive outbound prospecting in your business?

If you're frustrated then take a look at the event in the column to the left of this.

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Predictable Lead Generation leads to Predictable Revenue.

Can you predict, not forecast your revenue for 2104?

Your best B2B Lead Generation is having a conversation with a prospect.

I can show you how!

Join me in London on January 24th.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

What happens when Sales Reps don't make quota?

As a sales rep, if you don’t do your numbers, make you quota, hit target, then you’re in trouble.

Similarly, if you’re VP of Sales and you don’t produce your forecast, expect to lose credibility with and the confidence of your CEO.

Nothing new then, but how common is this?

At the Eloqua/Oracle Road to Revenue Tour in London yesterday, most of the delegates zigged to the Eloqua marketing track. So, I zagged and went to the Oracle sales Track.

You’re probably thinking, Sloane, you’re just a road warrior. Yes I do remember the Cavalier sri !

So, I was mixing with cream of Oracle, OK, just those who can make it to the London Borough of Southwark on a cold Tuesday in December. When Neil Pridham a CX Director from Oracle states that 40% of B2B sales reps missed their quota last year. 40%, does that sound like a high figure to you?

What’s it like where you work, do 40% of the reps/account managers not make their numbers?

What is the significance of that?

Is that their fault?

Or Yours?

Should you ship out the underperforming and hire some fresh faces? Could be an expensive decision with no guarantees of better results?

Or just blame those lousy leads that marketing gives you?

Maybe it’s time that you took responsibility for hitting your team’s quota in 2014.

If these make sense then you’ll want to come along to “How to Get Started with Predictable Revenue “ on Thursday 24th Jan at the O2 TCR

Friday 15 November 2013

How to Get Started with Predictable Revenue

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Friday 23 December 2011

Help Sales Understand Marketing

In the recently (December 2012) Aberdeeen Report "Sales Performance Management 2012" , author Peter Ostrow has two recommendations to improve your sales performance.

Why bother?

Improved Sales Performance leads to more of your reps making quota, shorter sales cycles and bigger average deals. Sounds good to me.

Ostrow's first recommendation is to base sales compensation on team activities , the second is to

"Cross train sellers into other customer facing roles such as Marketing"

So what are your plans to help sales better understand Marketing?

My suggestion would be continue your work on jointly agreements on Culture, Language and People.

How about running more joint meetings, now if you need an external speaker why not ask....

Friday 9 December 2011

Is your Marketing killing your Revenue?

You've read how the new buyers journey is impacting on their decision making process.

Often suspects will research and validate what they need to know before approaching potential suppliers. Before approaching you!

Marketing's response to this new paradigm is content, more content, lots of content. A never ending avalanche of content.

And, you hold off giving that lead to sales and feed that baby more content.

The problem is your content is probably no better and just the same as your competitors.

Your webinars, white papers, seminars look the same.

Too much content will deluge your prospects.

Marketing think better content makes the difference,

Revenue focussed sales people know that better conversations make the difference.

Let your sales team off the leash.

Give them information to have better conversations, not more content.