Friday 21 November 2008

Isn’t this what you really want?

Let’s face who wants better marketing? Who? You only care how much it costs, how long it takes to do and how much it takes to get the results. Really, all you are interested in is the results, i.e. new clients or more work from existing clients

All you want to know is How to Get More Work/Clients?

If you could buy a new client for £500, then how much would you be prepared to invest on marketing to get that client?

Who buys new clients, plenty of businesses do. Some law firms are quite happy to buy business at more than £500 each.

Now, I know it depend on the life time value of a client, including how many times they buy from you and how many referrals they bring.

Ultimately you need to do whatever it takes to achieve the results that you want. Just be careful about basing it all on one golden tactic, buying clients, pay-per-click or word-of-mouth.

Isn’t that what you really want?

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