Monday 24 November 2008

Where are you going to spend your Marketing budget in 2009?

How are you going to spend your marketing budget in 2009?

Are you going to cut back on the expensive tactics, do more of the cheaper activities or stick to what works.

You see, I think your competitors are going to slash budgets and focus on the less costly activities. You now stuff like email and all that online activity.

Which means three things.

1. More email for you and your target market

2. Your competitors will start to look and sound the same

3. More opportunities for you to be different, not better

Personally, I think this is great news, according to a survey by Marketing Sherpa, a market research company. This information is pure gold.

Who wants more email, start doing what your competitors don’t and you will be different. When everyone is zigging, you zag and when they zag, you zig.

Email is important but the real future is in direct mail

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