Friday 2 January 2009

How many different ways do your Clients consume you?

How do your clients consume you?

Have you ever made a list of the different ways clients and prospects hear about you and consume your message, products and services. I decided to conduct a simple audit of how you can be exposed to me. It’s probably not 100% accurate.

Some methods clients have to pay for some are free.

Do you have a mixture?

Remember people want to try before they buy.

I’m sure you’re doing things I’m not. I don’t do any SMS marketing and my video output is pretty ordinary

These are Free:

1. Ezine
2. Networking
3. Twitter
4. Podcast
5. Blog
6. Ecademy
7. LinkedIn
8. Facebook
9. Associations
10. Direct Mail
11. Video
12. Word-of-mouth
13. Articles
14. Radio
15. Search
16. Mastermind
17. Postcard
18. Thank you cards
19. Advertising

These are Fee
20. Consulting
21. Book
22. Audio
23. T-Shirt
24. Seminars
25. Special Report
26. Workshops

Fee or Free
27. Speaking

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