Wednesday 29 September 2010

Grey is the enemy of successful Sales and Marketing Alignment.

You won’t achieve long lasting Sales and Marketing Alignment by fudging it, by compromising or by being fluffy!

Look at the CMO’s who have achieved successful new working practises such as Christine Crandell. You have to take a straightforward black and white approach. Know what you want, Know what you cab achieve and just do that.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you take outlandish risks or bet the farm on this. Your responsibility is not to change the world; it’s just to get a few sales and marketing people working closer together.

Why not start with those who are open to your ideas of collaboration and cooperation?

Remember don’t shoot the collaborators, instead praise them.

Keep it simple

Keep it black and white.

Ditch the grey!

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Derek Gilmore said...

I would add Sales and Marketing alignment is all about marketing providing ROI Metrics. The numbers are black and white.

Fortunately Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation make marketing fully measurable. I talk a lot about this in my blog post called "The Inbound Marketing 2.0 Manifesto"

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