Tuesday 22 March 2011

Do You Need a Budget to Qualify as Lead?

Should a prospect have a real budget for your services to be considered a lead/opportunity qualified to unleash your sales attack dogs, sorry I meant 'trusted advisors', of course.

Well, according to this Marketing Sherpa chart, 77% of marketers seem to pass leads to markerting that don't have a budget.

No frigging budget, dude!

Makes you wonder what qualifies for a lead in 2011?

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Bob Apollo said...

Actually, there's a contrarian point of view that's worth considering. By the time your prospect has a formal budget for their project, it's likely that they will already be in touch with vendors and you may be late to the party. Focusing on opportunities that have a business-critical need and on champions who have authority and access to finance, even if a formal budget doesn't yet exist, is often a smarter option. You're likely to be in much better position to help shape their needs and criteria.