Wednesday 6 August 2008

The Famous Bob Monkhouse Tube Ad

This is the famous Bob Monkhouse London Tube advert.

It won awards, but I think it has one flaw.

Can you spot it?


Pepperfire said...

I'm at a disadvantage here, Rod... Perhaps because of a cultural disconnect between the UK and Canada, but I'm not sure... Just what exactly is the flaw?

Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire foods

ac said...

the only flaw I can see is that you're showing a rough of the ad that ran...not the ad itself. The ad that ran had less copy and a cut out picture of Bob.
If you'd like to update your post with one or both of the two tube cards that ran, let me know and I'll send you pdfs

Rod Sloane said...

Hi AC yes please send them to me.Ta Rod

ac said...

hi rod,
I sent you pdfs of the bob ads as they ran on tubecards.. wondering why you haven't updated