Wednesday 25 February 2009

Can your business survive without email?

I have been having email problems this month, software falling over, lost messages and a large amount of wasted, frustrating time. At it’s worst earlier this week I was in effect without an email service.

But I survived. It’s easy really.

Rather than email I picked up the phone

Rather than email I used twitter and other social networks

Rather than email I sent a text message.

Rather than emailing me, people called me.

Somehow being without email, brought me closer to those who I wanted to make contact with and those who wanted to contact me.

So could you get by without email? Would you thrive or crumble?

I’m fully back on email now.

1 comment:

Mike Ashworth said...

if you promote an email address (via the cotnact page) on your site and it fails due to being unavailable. Then you tell em to use a different one isntead via a DM on twitter.

I don't think email and technology is your challenge