Tuesday 24 February 2009

Your stuff is too complex

Your products are too complex

Your solutions are too complex

Your website is too complex

Your blog is too complex

Your organisation is too complex

Your book is too complex

You get the picture.

Make it simpler, I want to see if you can help me, I don’t acre how clever you think that you are.

I only care about me, stop being so complex!


Anonymous said...

You don't 'acre'. So do you 'hectare'? Should we let you have more space?

Andy Coote said...

You're just getting a complex.

Anonymous said...

If you can't explain your business to a child and get them to understand it, then how can you properly explain it to anybody else? KISS - keep it simple stupid! Dumb down your language, avoid jargon, use as few words as possible, and don't forget the power of pictures and audio too!