Thursday 30 October 2008

What is the One Word that Clients, Suppliers, Employees, Friends and Family use to Describe You?

Can you really sum your personality, character, style and beliefs in one adjective?

It's too simple...isn't it?

Well it might be if you try and choose that word but what if you had no control over that adjective, if it was chosen by people who knew you?

Can you find a way to do that? gives us such a facility, with the Testimonials function.

Now the Testimonials ability is not perfect.
But apart from Catherine Zeta Jones, nothing's perfect. Is it?

I cut and pasted my testimonials and one word was used to describe me more than any other.

What was it….


So I'm a simple man, cue that Lynyrd Skynyrd song.

I offer simple ideas.

Now, I could be offended with Simple.
But I'm delighted with it.
Not sure what it means, but I mean to embrace simplicity.

What is the one word people use to describe you?

P.S. It may not be the word you want them to use.

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