Monday 23 March 2009

Who’s the Celebrity in your Business?

We live in a celebrity culture.

Now you may like or loath it, but that celebrity culture has been around in business ever Josiah Wedgwood did his first mass mailing of about his pottery to the European nobility in 1763. And you thought spam was something new?

Now, every TV channel seems full of successful business types telling you how to run a successful business.

You may love this, be indifferent or despise this trend. I don’t care. But do you see it as an opportunity? You should. It’s yours to take!

Personalities engage with their audience. Does your business engage with clients and prospects? Here’s a simple test. Go to your website, can you find:
1.) Your Picture
2.) Your story---why you do what you do?

Maybe it’s more comfortable to think of yourseld as personality rather than a celebrity.
You do have a personality don’t you?

As my friend Scott McKain wrote “All Business is Show Business”. So how can you get started on adding your personality to what you do?

1. Decide to do it. Are you ready to show-up?

2. Express your opinion. Don’t be afraid of other comments, we like people to take a point of view. Sitting on the fence is OK for cats and birds, but no use for adult humans

3. Tell your story

If you would like some prompting on this then why not join me in London on April 6th for my marketing seminar
“How to Barack Obama your Business”

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Hail to the Chief!

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Anonymous said...

May I suggest that you create a special landing page about yourself that you can use for social networking purposes, giving links to all the places you are on the net, and also description about your company and what it represents.