Thursday 19 March 2009

You’ve got to Stand for Somethin’

You’ve probably heard of Google, you are accessing one of their products right now to access this blog. You may not have hared of Zappos, they are the online shoe and accessory retailer that have a turnover of $1bn from a zero start eight years ago. Both of these companies make Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies. Now you and I do something both these businesses do.

You can stand out and stand for somethin’.

Call it core values or business philosophy (!). I simply call it my ten things. What do you believe as business and as a real person? Please keep management and marketing speak to a minimum, OK, I sometimes fail there. Only put down stuff you all believe in. Only write things you feel comfortably being held accountable to. Only put down stuff that people would recognise you for.

Publish them.

Tell People about them.

Be Proud of your Core Values

Go on I dare you….Stand for Somethin’


Kunocreative said...

I couldn't agree more. We created our core values and published them on our Web site. We are putting together a comprehensive social corporate responsibility policy that we will also publish. We are a small company of 12 people, so this applies to anyone.

Rod Sloane said...

Great. Where van I read your core values? kunocreative?