Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Happy Birthday from Walt Disney

In 2009 you can visit a DisneyWorld or DisneyLand free for the day as long as you can prove it’s your birthday. What a wonderful marketing tactic especially if you live in North America. Do I really need to explain the power of this tactic even if 99% of prospects never take you up? One word….goodwill.

Celebrate your customer’s birthday with them!
So how you could model this idea..?

What could you do on your client’s birthday? Send ‘em something!

What you could do on your personal birthday? Free digital product

On your business’s birthday a special bonus on all products and services.

By the way, my birthday is May 2nd which is a Saturday this year.
Don’t forget me!!

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Anonymous said...

Love this! How about sending clients a great book in an area of their interest either personal or business?