Friday 20 March 2009

7 Minutes of Wisdom with David Ogilvy

Probably the most successful English marketing/advertising man of the last century was David Ogilvy.

I was never fortunate enough to meet the man but thanks to the power of YouTube and video we can now all hear his wisdom.

Here he talks about using direct marketing to grow his business.

Take notes and take action!


Anonymous said...

How VERY interesting!

David Ogilvy says long copy is better than short. So why am I turned off when I see one of those million mile long letters that accompany a sales pitch, and why am I sceptical with any 'guarantee' that I will make thousands of dollars?

Obviously these techniques work for the Americans, but how many British firms fall for this kind of marketing? It obviously does work or people will not be constantly doing it, but it doesn't influence me - or am I unusual?

Anonymous said...

In fact, to further this discussion on long sales letters, read this blog post with its comments:

Rod Sloane said...

Don't get confused with one of those long factory made sales letters you receive online with long direct mail. Remember you're not your market. The only think matters is what works, not our personal predujice.