Saturday 28 March 2009

Blogging on a Saturday

It’s 8.15 am on a dark damp Saturday morning in Ealing. I have just dropped my wife at the Airport she’s going with some friends to Amsterdam for the day. It’s a girls trip, no room for the boys. My teenage daughter is on a sleepover. It’s just me and the cat. All Baroque FM is playing on iTunes Radio. I have my filtered coffee and muffin. What better thing to do than blog?

So this is a blog about my blog. Pretty ego-centric eh?

According to my blog stats I have written 36 entries this year, 20 this month. So this is my first Saturday entry. By the way:

Thanks for reading this whatever way you are consuming it from my page or RSS. Thanks I appreciate your attention and time.

My commitment to myself is to blog every working day. Thanks to Graham Jones for encouraging me into that. Why do I it?

1. It’s permission. You don’t have to read this, I’m not forcing it down your throat in some interrupt spammy way. If you want it, you read it. Find it dull, then move on.

2. It forces me to think. I love the brevity of twitter where you just fire stuff off. I love watching JaythePal on 12 Seconds TV. But for something a little deeper and chance to mull over what’s happening a blog allows me to go deeper. Sloane goes deeper??

3. I receive a reaction. Some of my entries receive no response others get a comment attached. I welcome all responses. That’s just what they are responses. As JaythePal would say. "Go for it, yeah!"

If you haven’t started your blog yet or you only adding occasional entries then I encourage you to do more. Make a commitment to yourself. Who knows where it may lead. Hey, tell me what you think leave a comment.

Time to go to the local Farmers's Market to buy some pork and stilton sausages. Yeah!

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