Monday 16 March 2009

How NOT to market TVs

This weekend Mrs Sloane, not my mother, and I went shopping for a second TV. We popped into a local superstore and also a large electrical chain. Now, imagine you are looking to buy a TV. What do you want to see? Apart from the TV itself, you probably want to see the set turned on so that you can see the picture, don't you? Do you like the picture?

So, why then was every TV we looked at, was turned off. TV after TV turned off. We had to ask assistants to switch the sets on. Now, maybe this is some new retail marketing technique that forces the punter to speak to the retailer. I think it's dumb.

Have the TVs turned on, give punters what they want.

What are the TVs in your business?

Is it a podcast, video or blog, turn them on and give people what they want.