Thursday 26 March 2009

How to Market in a Recession

Snappy title for this blog. Eh?

Well, actually I borrowed it from John Quelch over at the Harvard Business Review. John wrote an article with the same title listing eight areas to focus on.

Now John is obviously a lot smarter than me. I would say eight are way too many. I would suggest that you just do one thing. One thing a lot better than you can presently imagine. Be the best you can be at it.

So if it’s networking, what results have you achieved from your networking in the last 6 months? Hard results, not soft stuff like greater exposure! Should you be spending more of your time, energy, money or creativity in this area?

How would you score yourself out of ten? If you’re a five how can you become a six? How are you educating you and your team to be better?

There are lots of actions you can take just to make one marketing tactic better.
Put all your efforts there, be the best you can be and monitor the results.