Thursday 11 June 2009

Design in Marketing

I received through the mail today a 5CD collection from a well known expert on Postcard Marketing. What strikes me is how cheap is looks, because no money, I mean no money has been spent on design. It's all black print on white paper even on the cover of the CDs.

Now the author of this material may claim that this is a white label pre-release version. I hope they are right.

Because there is no colour, no design, no graphics and no pictures. It looks like some bootleg from the 1970's. Hang on some of those bootleg albums had design even.

I encourage you to spend time and money, yes money, on designing your marketing materials and products. Start to collecting samples of stuff that appeals to your senses.

Remember as my friend Scott McKain says “all business is show business.”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Having a recognisable brand which is properly designed will either make or break your business. It's so important to give the correct impression of professionalism, not just a fly-by-night who created his website in a weekend. My friend has spent thousands getting her brand designed right, and boy, does it look good! Worth every penny.