Monday 22 June 2009

Marry your Best Benefit!

I was evaluating a client's marketing brochure the other day and ended up confused.

I couldn't see the purpose of the brochure. She was telling people how good their business was and what they did. But reading it as a prospect I couldn't understand what was in it for me

My conclusion?

Just one benefit in your market piece, please!

If you talked about one single benefit to the exclusion of all others what would it be?

Have you got one benefit that you can explain and that prospects want? I bet you haven't!

Is it measurable and deliverable?

“£75,000 worth of new clients in 17weeks”

Good, maybe

The toughest of you might even say that is too feature led.

What would this new business and in that time do for a business?

Think in terms of both hard and soft benefits, the mind and the heart, masculine and feminine...can I say that?

Go and focus on one single benefit!

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