Wednesday 10 June 2009

Top Ten Ways to use AudioBoo

Audioboo is a free iPhone application that allows you to make a 5 minute recording on your iPhone then upload it to the AudioBoo website. No chance to edit, you have to get it right in one take, although you can pause the recording. If you want to, AudioBoo will automatically distribute a link to your twitter and Facebook profiles. You can also cut and paste the embedded code and URL of the audio. Enough of the geek stuff.

I like AudioBoo in that in my opinion you start to get a real feeling about the personality of the broadcaster. We are all broadcasters now.

Quicker and dirtier than a traditional podcast. Is Audioboo the future of podcasting?

How can you use this technology? Here are some ways AudioBoo is being used

1. Simply to broadcast information, news, or promotion about you or someone else

2. Conduct a 5 minute interview

3. Record a speech or performance, yours or someone else.

4. Review a book, movie, performance etc.

5. Ask for boos from your constituency about what's happening. ITV did this during the FA Cup Final. BBC Radio London also asked for boos from the street during the tube strike.

6. Asking for feedback and comments, Tony Blackburn does asks for requests for his radio show.

7. Quizzes. Stephen Fry runs a Mystery Word and Mystery Person boo

8. Audio diary of a personal event, birth of a baby

9. Organising where to meet with friends or conspirators!

10. Testing whether you can deliver an Audioboo from your iPhone

My Audioboo recordings are here

Got any more?

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