Wednesday 17 June 2009

Your Logo and Colour are NOT your marketing.

Logos, Themed Colours and websites are NOT your marketing.

Please don't obsess about these things, who notices them anyway?

Your marketing is YOUR message.

What do you have to say to your constituency and what can they repeat to the world?

L'Oreal market all their beauty products to women “Because they're worth it!” A powerful, repeatable message and improved from the original “Because I'm worth it!”

What is your message and how are you going to communicate that to your constituency?

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Anonymous said...

'Because they're worth it' is a tagline or strapline, not necessarily a message. These little marketing 'snippets' are vital in today's business world, since we think so quickly and expect everything NOW. Remember 3 seconds on a website to make up your mind to continue, 96 seconds on a blog to decide whether it's worth while reading; having a strapline that hits you between the eyes and yet says what's in the tin is an essential bit of marketing kit!