Friday 17 July 2009

The Big Leap of Faith

Marketing types (like me) will often talk about how prospective customers get to Know, Like and Trust you. They (and I) will bang on about techniques and tactics to lead prospects down this path as if at the end of it is something miraculous happens and they suddenly buy. Wrong!!

Have you ever bought a car from a car showroom?

Unless you had just won the Lottery, you probably don't walk into a car dealers you know, like and trust and say “I want that one in red!”.

What do you do?

You ask for a test drive. You ask for a try.

So how do prospects try you?

How do they sample you?

Do you offer a taster?

It should be simple, fun-size and no risk.

Go develop your “test drive” and market that.

Market the try!

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