Monday 6 July 2009

How to Sell your Car in Less than Four Hours

It's 9.35am on Monday June 29th 2009. The MOT and tax on my VW Passat run out at the end of the month, that's tomorrow! Time to sell my motor, but can I do it in less than 24 hours? I call some bloke who runs a business called We Buy Your Car. After a few questions, he decides he doesn't want to buy my car. Then a brainwave, well I'm slow. I'll put a ad on

Now I have to confess I'm not sure how much my Passat is worth. It has 163,000 miles on the clock and the paint work is not A1. So I look at other Passats on Gumtree and come to a decision. I pop outside and take 3 pictures of my motor. Write the ad and upload the images. Easy peasy. Within an hour the phone starts to ring. Some chap wants to buy my car and can come over by 12.15. We meet he makes me an offer which I accept and he gives me the cash, I give him the log book, MOT certificate and the keys. Done. My car is sold by 1.30pm. Less than four hours. BTW, I received about a dozen calls!

My tips, keep the price realistic and make your headline stand out. I was really subtle with the phrase 'Bargain Price' in my headline.

When I told my wife, she was amazed, I got seven times more than she expected!


Anonymous said...

After all the fancy ads from on the telly saying they buy any car (which you have proven is not true) and it's an internet based listings that did the trick! And as you said, the power of words in the headline and realistic content (no Americanisms here hyping up everything) also helped towards your objective.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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