Friday, 3 July 2009

My Twitter Follow Friday suggestions for July 3rd 2009

Follow Friday is a nice little tradition on twitter where you recommend others. @NikkiPilkington has come up with the idea of writing a blog posting each week that recommends others. The Reason? Because twitter can get a little full with people's recommendations and it can have the opposite effect i.e. it turns people off.

So here is my first list of people you follow:

@NikkiPilkington writes about how to make sense of all this Web2.0 stuff. Now I don't always agree with Nikki, but she does make me stop and think. She also informs and comes from a good place.

@VicOsteen part Moses, part Darth Vader. The Godfather when it comes to the marketing of a professional speaker. Always on the money.

@BernieJMitchell Talks about networking especially in East London and Essex and yes he promotes some of my events.

@MediaCoach will show you how to get your name in the media and how to be comfortable and confident about it and finally...

@PaulSloane yes he is my brother. Teller of corny jokes and master of innovation. You can never go wrong following a Sloane!

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