Wednesday 29 July 2009

Put your message on a t-shirt

Vic Osteen suggests that you develop a catch phrase for your business.
Brevity is key here, you should be aiming for around a six word phrase.

A phrase that not only describes what you do, but how you do it.

Both content and style.

You know "Don't leave home without it" "The World's Favourite Airline"

Now would you say your catch phrase, more importantly would others?

Now, the acid test, put your catch phrase on a t-shirt.

Would you wear it?

Would others?

Would someone spend £10 on it

That's what mine sell for!!

Great for summer, autumn and ...


The Nose Knows said...

Mine is "Wine is one of the basic food groups!" Here's a pic (sorry it's on its side and fuzzy - still learning to use my iPhone).

The Nose Knows said...

Whoops! Should include the link -