Tuesday 28 July 2009

Start Ya Bastard!

How much time do you spend marketing?

You know if I could just get the work in through the door then I wouldn't have to any of that marketing, admin or planning stuff. Maybe I could just automate or outsource all that stuff. I just want to do the work!

Ring true?

Doh! That is dumb thinking in my view and probably means you ain't charging enough, buster!

Yes you aren't charging enough!

Now I don't believe in the the so called 4 hour working week, but I do believe in the 24 hour work week. You should be able to do all the work you need to do, make all the money you need to make in three days a week. Chris Barrow who works with dentists suggests you work three days a week for 40 weeks a year. That is 120 fee producing days.

The rest of the time is free, planning or marketing. Make sense?

Here is my tip for 2009.

Double the amount of time you currently spend on marketing.

Not sure what to do with extra time then call me and I will tell what to do.

Go on all me now 07957 422203 and I'll tell you.

As the Australians would say “Start Ya Bastard!”

Call me!

1 comment:

Matthew Scott said...

Rod, I'm a huge Chris Barrow fan. My Virtual Business Gym is modeled after one of his programs.

Really enjoyed this post.