Friday 15 May 2009

100 Not Out

Sports fans like statistics, especially US sports fans. For the English we love our cricket stats and the most heroic of those is to score one hundred runs, a century, in a Test Match (please Wikipedia Test Match if unsure) hopefully against Australia.

I have to admit it's now highly unlikely that I will score a century against the Aussies. So I play out my fantasy through my blog. How sad is that! And today is my one hundredth blog entry since I stated this blog. Today I achieve my century.

So I'm some what chuffed and full of my own self importance. I also believe that:

1.)I have only just started, my target is 500 entries and then a thousand.

2.) If I can do this, so can you. I want to encourage you to take up the blogging challenge and share your thoughts, ideas and experiences. On whatever subject. Come on, you are the story!

Finally, thanks for reading, without you this is just my mind talk!

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