Tuesday 12 May 2009

How to Stand Out in Your Market

1.Establish your Overt Benefit. What's In it for Me

2.Add a Reason to Believe. Why should I believe you?

3.Include your Dramatic Difference. Why should I care?

How does this work?

Michael is a friend of mine that offers accounting services.

If your accounting bill is over £1,500 per year he claims that he can save you over 50% off your next year's bill. Overt Benefit.

He has clients telling you this and he shows how on his YouTube videos and blogs. Reason to Believe.

He will push you, challenge you and hold you accountable to other cost savings in your business. A Dramatic Difference.

Can you do that in your business?

Yes you can.

If you need any help working out how to do this, you know where to turn. Was that subtle enough?

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