Tuesday 19 May 2009

My best marketing tip, stop all your marketing activities now, just stop, finito

No, I'm not suggest you give up on marketing, just call a halt and think.

How many marketing activities do you?
I bet there's a lot both off and on-line.

Have you ever just stopped and listed them all?

My suggestion is that you bin a lot and just focus on the one that gets you and your sales force talking to more prospects. Go for that one. I bet you don't even know what it is? Stop 99% of the others.

Focus on THE one, put your efforts there, get better at it, become the best. When you have gone as possibly far as you can with the one. Then, and only then is it time to start on number two.

Most of my new prospects first see me speak at an event such as “How to Barack Obama Your Business!”. They try me many times before they even consider hiring me as a marketing aid.

You know the old adage that you have to stroke prospects up to nine times before they are ready to buy.

Get stroking!

Where do prospects want to try you and your business out?

I know that it's easy to be seduced by the latest fad. Instead, take your time and work on your best.

There are no silver bullets in marketing. No one shot. But you will be better off doing fewer things better.

You will be better off doing just one thing better.

What is that one thing?

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