Monday 11 May 2009

Why Should I Care?

Back in the early 1970's I was just another spotty teenager.

Halcyon Days!

And like most kids I loved rock music. It was escape and fantasy, my favourite band in the early 70's were the Who. In 1973 they released a brilliant album “Quadrophenia” about a self obsessed 60's mod kid Jimmy. The classic song from that album is 5.15 about a train journey. Yes, a British Rail journey from Waterloo to Brighton. This song starts with Pete Townsend singing the line”Why should I care?” Now it was then introspective, but it is the line clients and prospects think all the time.

Why Should I Care about your...


Products and Services?

Latest email?


Your profitability?

They are not going to unless.....

in the words of Doug Hall unless you can show a Dramatic Difference.

Your Dramatic Difference answers the question “Why Should I Care?”

Clue. The answer is what you do for your market!

It's not that you're the biggest, oldest etc

Can you answer that?

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