Wednesday 13 May 2009

What's your big provocative idea, Sparky?

Improve your sales and marketing and you are giving your business a fighting chance.

So how do you make these disciplines more productive, efficient and effective?

Let's agree on what I mean by marketing.

Your marketing team comes up with the ideas and stories that you want to propagate.

Your sales team comes up with the individual message they take out to individual clients and help those clients and prospects to buy from you. OK, partner with you if you won't to go all lah-di-dah.

That makes it sound it all so easy, doesn't it? Well Sparky, that's because it is.

Do you have your ideas, clear?

Are they the same as everybody else or are they proactive?

Marketing should be coming up with big provocative ideas and stories to support them.
Selling then takes them to the market, individually.

What my big idea?

That unless you have a big provocative idea, you are are marketing a commodity, If you are marketing a commodity unless you are the quickest, cheapest or forget it, Sparky.

Twitter is a big provocative idea. Lager beer is a commodity.

What's your big provocative idea, Sparky?

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