Monday 4 May 2009

Why you need a Colin

Colin works for me, he makes telemarketing calls to book professional speaking work. For many people, Colin is the front-line of Rod Sloane Inc.. He's is who they speak with. Although he makes telemarketing calls, Colin is really my sales function. I am the marketing function, he is the sales function.

If you own a larger business you will be familiar with that divide, if you work in a smaller business maybe that division is blurred at best or even contusing.

Now that divide/gap is important. Empires and careers have been built on that gap. It has become a great wall and tomorrow I will publish my manifesto on it's future.

Just for today, think, am I in marketing creating the message or am I in sales delivering the message to prospects.

To put it crudely are you a message creator or punter-hunter?

You need both for a successful business.

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