Tuesday 26 May 2009

What Tony Blackburn can teach you about Modern Marketing.

Ever since I first started to listening to pop radio in the UK, Tony Blackburn ruled the airwaves, from being the first voice on Radio 1 to hosting Top of the Pops. Blackburn was every where. Then his popularity waned and he seemed a little cheesy and plastic. However he's still broadcasting in London on Smooth Radio and Radio London.

So what?

Tony uses Audio Boo a simple iPhone audio blogging tool to communicate with his listeners. He lets you know when he's appearing on the radio. You can Boo, those in the know just call it a Boo, Tony and he will mention you on the radio.

Think of it like an audio email.

You simply make a recording on your iPhone and send/ publish it to the Audio Boo web site. It take s minutes. No audio editing. You just add a picture and a simple title. You can then use twitter & facebook to let the world know.

It's a great way to review a book or movie.

Simple way to promote your event.

You might just to want to talk with Tony Popfantastic Blackburn.

Start booing!

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