Monday 25 May 2009

So What?

Just been listening to Jeremy Nicholas on the radio talking about the "so what" test that journalists use to determine what is the story in the news. When journalists read a press release they ask themselves that question. "Bank opens new branch in Lincoln" what "New Bank Manager ran slowest ever time in London Marathon" now that's a story.

So What?

how does that help your marketing?

Well, it obviously is a little test for all your media releases.

But it also helps with any marketing message you might have, any benefits you claim.

I can build a web site in a what?

I can produce a set of financial accounts in three what?

I have a one page marketing plan what?

You have to work harder, think more and dig deeper to answer the so what question.

So what?

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Jeremy Jacobs said...

Benefits, benefits, benefits.......