Thursday 2 April 2009

Ask for Support

John Quelch’s Number 2 Obama Marketing Success is converting empathy into tangible support. Obama was able to develop leverage on the basis of his support.

Before you go out chasing supporters, clients and fans, before you start putting your slogan on your t shirt and websites, ask this. Do you have a bedrock of support, from family, friends and other colleagues? Have you tried your ideas out on them? Do they resonate? Or do they sound like you just some watered down version of the latest book or article you happened to read?

Before I called what I did No-Bull Marketing I spoke to others whose opinion I respected. Was it me, did it make sense? Only when I received the thumbs up that I wanted did I go public! Try it.

Grow a nurturing support close to home before you go out into the big bad world

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