Thursday 30 April 2009

The Role of Marketing is to...

Make selling as easy as possible.

But Rod, we don't have a sales team in this business, well then it sounds like you're the sales team. Aren't you?

Is selling hard for you and your business, then it's not sales skills you need, it's marketing skills.

Let me explain, I speak professionally, yes people book and pay me to speak. Now, if they just want a speaker then it's a challenge to sell me as opposed to some TV personality. However, if my marketing has hit the mark, they don't want any speaker, they want me. They want Rod Sloane.

So the question is why should somebody want you, above your competitors or looking for an in-house solution?

That's the purpose of marketing to make it as easy as possible to make those sales.

Focus on your marketing and remember be different, not better!

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