Thursday 23 April 2009

You get one chance, don’t blow it and there are no excuses.

If I visit your restaurant and the food and service is below average then to me it’s a lousy restaurant.

If I email your furniture repair service and it takes you four days to get back to me than I judge you as slow and useless.

If I phone my account manager at my bank and I get this voicemail message “Your call cannot be taken and you cannot leave a message, so please call later.” I assume you don’t care. And yes I heard that message today, from my bank. You know the one that lost all the money!

As Sam Silverstein says “no more excuses”. I don’t care how good you are the other 99% of the time if you suck when I interact with you then; you suck all the time to me.

Consistency is often our biggest challenge both in marketing and operations. It’s easy being a good on the sunny days, but can you still be the same when the clouds come over and the wind picks up. It’s not about being the occasional hero; it’s about your average being better than the rest. Lots cannot, if you can you will stand out.

Be ruthless and work on this every day.

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