Tuesday 21 April 2009

The BNI Visitors Day Letter

Have you ever received a letter to visit your local BNI Chapter? I received one today. Here’s what I noticed that this letter does right.

1. Plain blank envelope

2. Hand written envelope

3. A proper stamp used NOT a franking machine

4. The letter says that they want one of me to pass businesses to!

5. A P.S. at the bottom of the letter that sums up the offer

6. Black print for the letter with the a real signature in blue ink

7. It’s a physical letter not an email or text

In fact it’s the same letter that I received ten years ago, it’s their control letter written by Steve Lawson that’s still universally used. That’s the point it works, they know within a few percentage points how many readers will respond. Why change it? Only a fool would do that.

How about your primary lead generation tool, your moneymaker; what is it? What response rate does it give you? Just because technology and fads change, what used to work still works, especially in these days of less direct mail.

Shake your MoneyMaker.

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