Friday 24 April 2009

Your List

In 1949 David Ogilvy made a list of the clients he most wanted. The list included General Foods, Lever Brothers, Bristol Myers, Campbell Soup and Shell .Within ten years they were all clients of Ogilvy & Mather. He also picked up the likes of American Express and IBM along the way.

Now he did some spectacular work for these clients, but Ogilvy was proud of his list, so much that he wrote about it in both of his books.

So, do you have a list of target clients?

If you do, how is your business focussed on winning those clients.

If you don't start your list now, today.

It's that simple, decide what you want, write it down and organise your business to go after them.

Sorry if this upsets any MBA types, but this stuff is NOT difficult.

Do it now, today, no more excuses!

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