Wednesday 29 April 2009


I heard on the BBC, this morning, the statistic that 3 million are employed in the UK retail sector and most receive no or little training. If you work for one of the big boys you probably will undergo training, but all the smaller independent shops are left to their own devices. Hence, the announcement today of the Retail Academies for specific training in that industry.

So, what training goes on in your business, you know the simple stuff like how to deal with clients over the phone. How do you cope with complaints and calls that come in after reading your website and blog? How about some simple presentation skills training? Most employers often assume staff just knows what to do. Why not give them some help?

There is plenty of help out there from both the private and public sector. You don’t have any real excuse, do you?

Give your staff the skills and confidence and they just might hit those KPIs that you give them.

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Like the blog.

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