Thursday 9 April 2009

Obama Tip #7 Hire an Excellent marketing Team

Quelch’s last tip from the campaign about Obama was that he “chose an excellent marketing and campaign team, and managed them well.”
He hired people who understood the new media especially Chris Hughes the wonderkid from Facebook. He attracted the best he could to help him to spread the message.

Now maybe you can afford to hire the best, if so go do it.

If you cannot afford to hire the cream, go to their events, buy their stuff and read their blogs. I’m far too modest to put myself in that category!. To paraphrase Brain Clough I might say “I wouldn't say I am the best marketing man in the business. But I’m in the top one.”

Not sure that I can carry on with this as it I’m sure it will start to sound arrogant.

Go read and study the best and if you can afford to hire them.


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