Wednesday 22 April 2009

David Ogilvy and who you want as clients

When David Ogilvy started Ogilvy & Mather New York in 1949 they were a tiny back street advertising agency. This inexperienced Englishman was competing with the giants of Madison Avenue and Chicago. Yet within twenty five years had grown to one of the top four agencies in the world.

How did he do it?

Well David Ogilvy has written two books were he explains all about his advertising techniques and ability but he did two other things, one of which is so simple that you and I could do it.

He simply wrote down the top ten clients he wanted to work for and within a dozen years he had them all as clients including giants of the day such as Shell. He carried that list with him at all times.

Do you have a list of the top clients you want to work for?

Could you give me ten now?

Is the list written down?

Do you carry with you at all time?

This isn’t difficult is it?

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